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An easy-to-understand presentation on the factors changing our planet now.

Simple. Serious. Solvable.

"Climate Change as of 2024" is a fact-based, easy-to-understand presentation by meteorologist Chris Edwards that looks at the scientific issues and impacts involved in climate change, localized in many ways to Michigan. It explores a range of ideas to address the significant challenges we face and what each of us can do.


You'll learn:​

•  which Michigan season has warmed the most.

•  why there are more flooding rains.

•  where the climate is changing the fastest.

•  10 things you can do to help combat climate change.

•  when science first predicted climate change.

•  what climate change means for hurricanes
    (this might surprise you).

Who should offer this presentation
Municipalities, environmental organizations, libraries, religious congregations, f
orward-thinking corporations, clubs, fraternal organizations, continuing education groups, or any gathering of people who want to learn more about one of the most critical issues of our time.


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About Chris Edwards


Chris Edwards began his career as a forecaster in the U.S. Air Force. He was one of the first meteorologists with The Weather Channel in Atlanta before moving on to forecast at WISN-TV in Milwaukee, and KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

     Edwards began carefully studying and reporting on global warming in 1987. He was Chief Meteorologist at WJBK-TV/FOX2 Detroit before leaving in 2004 to spend more time with his family and to start his own business teaching weather science.

     In 2011, he joined WXYZ-TV as a multi-media  meteorologist, where he worked until December, 2018. 

     Edwards was honored with three Emmy awards for environmental reporting and weathercasting, and was recognized by the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences for Best Weathercast in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

     As a retired TV meteorologist, he now enjoys part-time work teaching communications at the University of Michigan, where he collaborated with Professor Richard Rood to produce a video on climate change. Edwards is also Climate Change Specialist for the city of Detroit, and regularly gives climate change presentations to a variety of organizations.

What others say about "Climate Change as of 2024"

"This presentation by Chris Edwards at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington was informative, inspiring, and actionable. The topic of climate change is not an easy one to deliver.  Chris’ presentation was well researched and relatable. He spoke about the seriousness and the urgency of the issue and offered solutions that are possible and could result in a higher quality of life. Climate change is the most important issue of our time and Chris’ presentation was a perfect mix of problem and solution."

Barbara Eglington,  Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington (Michigan)

Chris's presentation was a huge success with our patrons. We had so many positive comments on how he was able to make a very complicated issue into something very easily understandable. I definitely recommend Chris to any library."

Sarah Winter, Plymouth (Michigan) District Library


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